Appreciating the creativity of prairie peoples.

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Saokio is a Blackfeet term that describes the prairies as a space that is large, open and flat. At one time the Blackfeet called themselves the Saokio-tapi or the prairie people. On the prairies they used their creativity to change this wide open space into a unique place.

Saokio Heritage was created to enhance the appreciation of the wealth of prairie peoples creativity. Our goal is to stimulate and preserve the history, language and traditional knowledge of prairie peoples.

Saokio Heritage acknowledges the U.N. definition of traditional knowledge which encompasses cultural, technological, scientific, and artistic knowledge that originated from a connection to a specific territory or place which is transmitted from generation to generation within a group of people.


The Piegan Institute Summer History Conference will be held at the Cuts Wood School in Browning on Friday, August 21, 2009. One of the featured speakers will be Professor Louis Warren, the author of The Hunter's Game: Poachers and Conservationists in the Twentieth Century (Yale Press, 1999).


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